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Events & Promotions

We at 11th HOUR offer a bouquet of professional services that make your event unique and memorable. Since our establishment, we have continuously strived towards the flawless execution of events. With our experience and expertise we glorify events to make them memories... memories that we all cherish... memories that are grand enough to enlarge and adorn your walls.

Every event we design is one of a kind, because every client is one of a kind. Creativity, Innovation, Variety and Teamwork are the USP's of 11th HOUR. We add a touch of novelty to your event and we know exactly how to make your event absolutely grand & rocking.

11th HOUR also has a chain of Pearl Event Properties threaded across the year. With these by our side we will be able to assist you in reaching out to the appropriate target audience for your prestigious brands. We are constantly.

designing, innovating and refining to ensure your business is a success. We are not static, we support innovation and embrace new concepts.
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