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Exclusive Outdoor Media (Buses)

We are humbled and also proud to state that we have the exclusive publicity  rights for advertising on all the KMT BUSES across Kolhapur. Advertisement on buses is one of the most conventional advertising mediums across the globe. Buses move across the city and serve as 'Rolling Bill boards' travelling in and around densely populated city. We do what it takes to help you reap optimal bus branding benefits. With us, you enjoy maximum brand visibility and best results in the long run. Our bus advertising packages are cost-effective and flexible & help you create a more extensive outreach for your brand.

Besides, we customise our packages and services to suit your needs to help you promote your brand through bus advertising.
We leave no stone unturned to help you leverage mass advertising to your benefit.
  Full Bus  
  Bus Back Panel  
  Bus Side Panels
  Driver Back Inner Panel
  Left & Right Inner Panels
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